The death of our sweet Aby Runa at age 15 1/2 motivated me to contact PureAbby Abyssinians.

Thirty years of ruddy Abyssinians sharing my life just could not end all of a sudden.

Breeding undiluted Abyssinians is clearly a labour of love. That and the fact that Janet has beautiful cats inspired me to give her a call.

Then as with all good, small breeders, there is a waitlist but eventually, last February I ended up with an amazing ruddy boy. He traveled with us in the cabin all the way to Vancouver where he is busy living the good life.

As a friend of mine put it: “Your cat definitely seems to be comfortably in charge”.

That however I would dispute :-).

Leica Tyee certainly lives up to the reputation of his breed. Very active, fully involved with his humans, highly intelligent, sweet disposition, never a dull moment. Finally, yet importantly, he is stunningly beautiful.

Thank you so very much, Janet.