Our Abyssinian Cats Happy Forever Homes!

At PureAbby, we make it a point to keep in touch with our customers who have adopted one or even two of our Abyssinian cats. We want to ensure that the cats are happy and their adoptive family is happy! During my time breeding Abyssinian Cats, many adoptive families have become friends, and we keep in touch on a fairly regular basis. I love to hear how their Aby’s are doing…what mischief they have gotten into, their latest antics. With Aby’s, there are always, always stories! I appreciate all the feedback that has been provided for this testimonial page. Thank you!

Leo and Oscar

Twenty-five years ago, I stumbled upon Abyssinians at a cat show on Cape Cod and fell in love with their beauty, alert responsiveness, and their grace. I’ve owned Abys ever since and always in pairs to afford them interesting feline company. Leo and Oscar, our new Abby brothers from PureAbby Cattery, are the kings and the jesters of our household. I spent time researching breeders and Janet, hands-down, was the right choice. She told us that she had these two siblings, inseparable from birth, who’d stolen her heart. She was understandably eager for them to stay together. My son and I drove 16 hours round trip from Vermont to bring them home —and together they are. Leo and Oscar are the completion of each other and of our family. Oscar, in particular, gets along famously with Hazel, our golden retriever; he sleeps snuggled up against her belly, toys and flirts with her to chase him, and allows Hazel to clean his darling face. Like all Abbys, Leo and Oscar have distinct personalities with many sides, all captivating: from sweet cuddliness to pure rambunctiousness, speeding around the house and up and down cat posts like happy demons. They are highly sociable, always nearby, and never hesitate to make their wishes known to be pet, fed, and occupy the center of our attention – which we happily give them. We hit the Abby jackpot with these two males. Thank you, Janet! It’s been a sincere pleasure working with you from the start, and I enjoy staying in touch to update you on our beautiful Abbys. [envira-gallery… Read more “Leo and Oscar”


Sweet Laya

Laya was born on January 11th, 2022. This sweet little girl has certainly been worth waiting for! My previous breeder retired a number of years ago, they were excellent.  Now that I was ready for a new kitty, I set out to find a breeder who had the same standard. After searching I found PureAbby Cattery I quickly looked at the website, and I knew my search was done. I filled out my application and waited for my answer, thank goodness it was a positive reply, yah I’m on her list! Abbys have been my cat of choice for the past 20 years when people say once you own an Abyssinian cat no other will do so true for me. The day finally arrived when I was to pick Laya up, I was so excited,  My daughter packed up the children, and off we went, she didn’t want to miss the experience of seeing me with my new baby. We arrived at PureAbby Cattery and went into the house for a fascinating visit. All of the kittens and adult cats were amazing, it was clear to me that I got lucky with this breeder. Janet’s instructions were very clear, she is so caring and it showed with all of her cats, I actually felt guilty taking Laya away. Laya is very intelligent and a great listener; her playtime is so much fun. I love how she hides and peeks out waiting for me to find her. I call her name and she keeps watching not moving a mussel, now she’s ready, I walk toward her and she attacks in the most gentle way. She loves to jump and grab her toys and run across the floor, she makes me get exercise with her. She’s very friendly and curious, now at 7 months old and 5 lbs her body is very strong. She is a beautiful gift in my life.  I’m happy to say that Janet will always be her mom and so will… Read more “Sweet Laya”


Princess Sedona Amanda von Furburg (aka Sedona)

In the fall of 2020,  the cat count in our house was at an all-time low of 1, with our 15-year-old DSH Baxter, living out his senior years albeit with some health issues.  We found ourselves thinking about what might come next and knowing that my husband often spoke of dogs (big gasp! because we are a CAT house!), it became quite clear that he was very interested in cat breeds that were known for their:  a) high level of intelligence, b) trainability,  c) strong bonds with their owners and d) temperament that would be accepting of other cats in the house.  After completing multiple quizzes for “what is the best cat breed for me?”, results indicated that the Abyssinian breed was at the top of the list.  The next stage of our breeder research led us to Janet Wells of PureAbby.  It was apparent from the initial questionnaire on Janet’s website that she is very discerning as to where her kittens are placed so we were thrilled to be selected for the Spring 2021 waiting list.  The hardest part over the ensuing months was, of course, the waiting…made even more exciting as Janet shared photos of the new litters, detailing milestones and feats of mischief!!   With our new kitten’s name at the ready, Sedona, the day came to pick her up.  Sedona did not disappoint.  She is beautiful, the product of careful breeding.  She has all the personality traits expected of Abys.  She is smart, trainable (for example will come when her name is called), likes to be up high to look you straight in the eye when asking for her treat.  Need some help in the kitchen? Sedona is ready to lend a paw!!  The experience with Pureabby has been nothing short of exceptional.  The obvious care in breeding and health checks on the kittens, the communication throughout the process, and the end result of a well socialised, intelligent people-friendly kitten has resulted in a very welcome addition to the household.   Needless to say, we love our… Read more “Princess Sedona Amanda von Furburg (aka Sedona)”

Jay and Sheilagh

Ednah Scissorhands

Being an animal lover, I have attended many cat shows and was always drawn to the size, beauty, coloring, and temperament of the Abyssinian breed.  When I finally decided it was time for me to be owned by one it led to the adoption of my first baby, Chiumings Simba Cabaret.  Thinking he was lonely when I was still in the working world, I decided to get him a playmate, enter Bengal Chantilly Lace. As Abys appear to get along with all creatures, big and small, it worked out well. After a period of 14 and 12 ½ years, I lost both and went into a feline void funk, swearing that was it never again!  But you all know how long that lasts…so while searching the web I unbelievably found a 5-year-old Aby needing rescuing, so once again I was a mother. When I lost Blondie I knew right away I would have to find another Aby! I was impressed when I was fortunate to find the PureAbby website and reached out to Janet to inquire if she had any “retired breeders” available in the near future.  After numerous discussions with her, I found her to be a small but reputable, caring, sincere breeder who is dedicated to the improvement and continuation of our glorious, beloved breed. As Janet is very particular about who she allows to adopt any of her babies, I was thrilled when she stated that “CH PureAbby Ednah Scissorhands” could be mine!!  It did not take me long to reply YES, YES, YES! I have shared my life with Ednah now for close to 2 years and she has exceeded all my expectations. She is true to the breed being people-oriented, playful, mischievous, and loving and I don’t know what I would do without her. She is now accustomed to the full “spa” experience which includes brushing, massage, nail clipping, and teeth cleaning. Her only tiny fault is that she is still vocal and insists on having the last word. Any person who is lucky to have acquired a beautiful Aby from PureAbby Cattery will never have any regrets. I sincerely thank Janet for allowing me to become part of her “family” and she can rest assured Ednah will be very well cared for during her entire… Read more “Ednah Scissorhands”

Linda Ferguson

My Aby Boy Aris “Spock”