My wife and I couldn’t be happier with our new family member Beulah Beaumont. And by extension, we couldn’t be happier with Janet and PureAbby. From the application process to the day we picked up our little cat, her overriding concern is for the wellbeing of her cats. Janet loves every single one of her animals and only wants the best for them. She has a very limited number of litters per year because she is so involved in raising them by hand. That’s the mark of someone who is in it for the right reasons. She is always happy to help you in any way that she can. Before AND after the adoption. We’ve asked her for advice since we took Beulah home and Janet has been very helpful and responsive. That is what we were looking for in a breeder. Someone who is 100% committed to making her little bundles of joy happy even after they’ve left the nest. If you’re lucky enough to be accepted by PureAbby, you won’t ever regret it.

MJ, James, Beulah, Bedford and Oswald.