Kitten Application

I am sorry, but we are no longer accepting any applications for kittens for 2021
If you wish to be put on an early 2022 waiting list,
you can indicate this on your kitten application.

Our Abyssinian cats are very dear to us, and it is important that we place the right kitten in the right home. Below are questions that we ask all potential kitten families. We apologize in advance if some of these questions appear intrusive; however, we are very dedicated to finding the best possible homes for each of our kittens.
Please give complete answers and feel free to ramble on, the more information you provide about you, your family, and your lifestyle, the easier it will be to pick the right kitten for you!

We get a great number of applications per month and cannot respond back to everyone, if you do not hear back from us within 3 weeks’ time, then a kitten is not available. Thank you!

SPECIAL NOTE: Our kittens have been adopted internationally, however, please be aware that we do not ship our kittens/cats. If a kitten is going to be required to be flown to its new home, the kitten MUST be accompanied by either the adoptive owner or the owner’s agent.