Occasionally, we have retired Abyssinian adult cats available for adoption. Usually, we will retire our adult cats from breeding between the ages of two to three years of age. I would love to keep them all, but I have learned that my retired breeding adults prefer to live their lives in a less active environment. All of my cats are my pets, my special fur-kids. They do not reside in cages; they live freely in my home. If only I could keep them all! 


Hi, my name is Lady Marmalade. I am a young Cinnamon Abyssinian and will turn 2 years old on August 25th. I have been shown at cat shows, and apparently, I did very well, but I really didn’t like the crowds AT ALL. I have had one litter, and I was a very good, dedicated mother.  I come by my shyness naturally; my father – Sammy, who is pictured below, is also extremely shy. He found a home before me because they specifically wanted a boy cat. Right now, I am looking for a special home. I don’t like living with a lot of cats or other animals. I love quiet spaces. Ideally, I would prefer to live with a single person or a retired couple who lives a quiet lifestyle. It is not that I don’t like kids, but I don’t think I would like to live with one.  If I had to live with one other cat, I would prefer a boy.  Girls can be so contrary sometimes, so I would rather avoid them. I am extremely shy until I feel comfortable and safe. I need someone who is calm and understanding and will be patient with the fact that I am very shy and a bit fearful. I just need time to adjust. Once I do feel safe, I am a lapcat and quite loving. When I get really passionate, I drool. I know that is not very ladylike, but I can’t help it.  Thank you, Marmalade.

[We are not in a rush to rehome Marmalade. What is most important is that she finds a mutually suitable home.]