As a small Cattery, we do not have many litters per year. Also, with the non-dilute Abyssinian, their litters tend to be small – 2 – 4 kittens a litter. We do have a waiting list for kittens. And if your application is approved, we would require a deposit. If you are interested in a kitten, we ask that you initially fill out this short application to get to know you better and ensure that we have a kitten that is a good fit for you. We also do a telephone interview.

Because Aby’s tend to have very small litters, we have to be selective about who will adopt a kitten, so we appreciate any information you can provide regarding your home situation and your reasons for wanting an Aby kitten. Thank you very much for your interest!

Chica La di Dah and Sam Miami have welcomed 3 kittens into the world: Stella, Beck and Guiness

Maggie May I and Sam Miami have welcomed 4 kittens into the world: Rosemary, Thyme, Basil and Sage.