As a young man, Bob had experienced the pleasure of having Abyssinian cats in his home. When his 80th was approaching, his daughter and wife searched for an older cat believing kittens belonged in young family homes. The search landed us at PureAbby.
It wasn’t easy to convince Janet that we were worthy of providing a forever home for one of her cats, not to mention her Double Grand Champion, Anubis Ricky Martini of PureAbby, soon to be retiring from being the cattery stud. Being a reputable breeder, we went through a thorough screening process, concluding with a telephone ‘interview’.
In May 2021, the day came when we were picking up Ricky. Again, the helicopter mom wondered about the security of our crate and more questions about our home to ensure the safety of her Champion. It was with mixed emotions when departed the cattery with anxious Ricky in his crate and Janet with tears in her eyes.
Almost six months later, we realized we truly won the lottery.

Bob and Barb