In the fall of 2020,  the cat count in our house was at an all-time low of 1, with our 15-year-old DSH Baxter, living out his senior years albeit with some health issues.  We found ourselves thinking about what might come next and knowing that my husband often spoke of dogs (big gasp! because we are a CAT house!), it became quite clear that he was very interested in cat breeds that were known for their:  a) high level of intelligence, b) trainability,  c) strong bonds with their owners and d) temperament that would be accepting of other cats in the house.  After completing multiple quizzes for “what is the best cat breed for me?”, results indicated that the Abyssinian breed was at the top of the list.  The next stage of our breeder research led us to Janet Wells of PureAbby.  It was apparent from the initial questionnaire on Janet’s website that she is very discerning as to where her kittens are placed so we were thrilled to be selected for the Spring 2021 waiting list.  The hardest part over the ensuing months was, of course, the waiting…made even more exciting as Janet shared photos of the new litters, detailing milestones and feats of mischief!!


With our new kitten’s name at the ready, Sedona, the day came to pick her up.  Sedona did not disappoint.  She is beautiful, the product of careful breeding.  She has all the personality traits expected of Abys.  She is smart, trainable (for example will come when her name is called), likes to be up high to look you straight in the eye when asking for her treat.  Need some help in the kitchen? Sedona is ready to lend a paw!!  The experience with Pureabby has been nothing short of exceptional.  The obvious care in breeding and health checks on the kittens, the communication throughout the process, and the end result of a well socialised, intelligent people-friendly kitten has resulted in a very welcome addition to the household.   Needless to say, we love our Princess!!

Jay and Sheilagh