Being an animal lover, I have attended many cat shows and was always drawn to the size, beauty, coloring, and temperament of the Abyssinian breed.  When I finally decided it was time for me to be owned by one it led to the adoption of my first baby, Chiumings Simba Cabaret.  Thinking he was lonely when I was still in the working world, I decided to get him a playmate, enter Bengal Chantilly Lace. As Abys appear to get along with all creatures, big and small, it worked out well. After a period of 14 and 12 ½ years, I lost both and went into a feline void funk, swearing that was it never again!  But you all know how long that lasts…so while searching the web I unbelievably found a 5-year-old Aby needing rescuing, so once again I was a mother. When I lost Blondie I knew right away I would have to find another Aby!

I was impressed when I was fortunate to find the PureAbby website and reached out to Janet to inquire if she had any “retired breeders” available in the near future.  After numerous discussions with her, I found her to be a small but reputable, caring, sincere breeder who is dedicated to the improvement and continuation of our glorious, beloved breed. As Janet is very particular about who she allows to adopt any of her babies, I was thrilled when she stated that “CH PureAbby Ednah Scissorhands” could be mine!!  It did not take me long to reply YES, YES, YES!

I have shared my life with Ednah now for close to 2 years and she has exceeded all my expectations. She is true to the breed being people-oriented, playful, mischievous, and loving and I don’t know what I would do without her. She is now accustomed to the full “spa” experience which includes brushing, massage, nail clipping, and teeth cleaning. Her only tiny fault is that she is still vocal and insists on having the last word.

Any person who is lucky to have acquired a beautiful Aby from PureAbby Cattery will never have any regrets. I sincerely thank Janet for allowing me to become part of her “family” and she can rest assured Ednah will be very well cared for during her entire life.

Linda Ferguson