Dear Janet, The wait for our new boy was worth it!  Thank you so much for this new member of our family.  Dexter II is our latest Aby.  He arrived Dec 2nd, 2017. He is now bonding with our brown tabby, Casey who is 8 years old. Dexter is a typical Aby: playful, outgoing, friendly, fearless and just a pleasure to have!  He is growing quickly, has a huge appetite and very, very active. If you want to preserve your household knickknacks you had better find a safe place for them. They won’t be Aby-proof!

Dexter and Casey are now the best of pals, sleeping in the same bed (just 3 days after Dexter’s arrival)  Dexter II looks a lot like the second Aby we owned –  appropriately named… Abby. Just like Dexter II, she was fearless, affectionate and full of beans!

Dexter I  was our very first Aby. He was very regal, a little standoffish but one of the most clever cats we have ever owned. As you can see WE JUST LOVE ABYSSINIANS!
Thanks again, Michael.


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Michael – Cambridge