We welcomed our beautiful 4-month-old Ruddy Abyssinian, Chase into our home in October 2017. From the time he arrived he has been training us on his likes (which are many) and his dislikes (certain foods…yech) He is a very active trainer!

We are experienced Aby parents, and Chase is definitely a typical Aby with all the wonderful traits and characteristics. He is highly intelligent (he knows exactly where we hide his treats and certain toys), and is very people oriented. He wants to know where and what we are doing at all times, checking to see if he can help out. (like with the dishes) He is so outgoing and loving when company comes to visit and has trained everyone to play “fetch the ball.”

Chase is also quite a talker and engages us in conversations on a daily basis. Like most Aby’s Chase’s favourite spot is to be as high as he can, in particular, our Grandfather clock from where he can regard his kingdom.

He is such an entertaining cat and makes us laugh every day. At night Chase is found snuggling with us in bed. He is everything we imagined and more.
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Debbie and John – Hamilton, ON