Thank you for your interest in our Abyssinians! We don’t blame you, they are absolutely the most wonderful cats.

As a small Cattery, we do not have many litters per year. Also, with the non-dilute Abyssinian, their litters tend to be small  – 2 – 4 kittens a litter. We do have a waiting list for kittens. And if your application is approved, we would require a deposit. If you are interested in a kitten we ask that you initially fill out the application below, so we can get to know you better and ensure that we have a kitten that is a good fit for you.  We also do a telephone interview.

Because Aby’s tend to have very small litters, we have to be selective about who will be able to adopt a kitten, so we appreciate any information you can provide regarding your home situation and your reasons for wanting an Aby kitten. Thank you very much for your interest!

Kitten Application