Our Boys

 Grand Champion Anubis Ricky Martini of PureAbby

Anubis Ricky Martini of PureAbby  (Mr. Magoo) Is a very handsome and personable young male who is new to our cattery. Ricky is an excellent example of the Abyssinian breed. He brings beautiful color, body structure, and size to our Cattery.

Dam: Anubis Evita Loca

Sire: GC Partomor Bermuda Cedar of Santgria

Registered CFA and CCA

Canadian Cat Association (CCA) PureAbby’s Ricky Martini – Best Abyssinian 2018-2919

Canadian Cat Association (CCA) Double Grand Champion

Cat Fancy Association (CFA)  Grand Champion

PureAbby’s “Uncle” Smooch

Smooch is a stunning Abyssinian, with his remarkably rich ruddy coat and absolutely gorgeous green eyes. He was my very first Abyssinian cat that I got from my sister who got him from Glendoveer Abyssinians. It is because of him that I started to breed these amazing cats. His personality stole my heart.  Smooch’s role in the Cattery is that of “Uncle.” With his very laid back gentle nature, he spends a great deal of time with the kittens and is remarkably patient and nurturing.

Dam: Glendoveer Clotho

Sire: Saqqaraby Rameses of Glendoveer