Our Girls

Double Grand Champion PureAbby Lay Lady Layla

DGC Lay Lady Layla (or Layla) is a very elegant, tall Ruddy Abyssinian female with the most incredibly beautiful green eyes.

Dam: Grand Champion Anubis Memoire de Romeow of PureAbby

Sire: Grand Champion Instincts Balzac of Anubis

CFA and CCA Registered

PureAbby Cattery - Grand Champion Lay Lady Layla

Champion Abizaq Cinnamon Lily of PureAbby

CH Cinnamon Lily (Sarah) is a stunning young Red Abyssinian female. She has a gorgeous red coat with wonderful ticking. Sarah has a very friendly and sweet personality.

Dam: Grand Champion, Regional Winner Abizaq Cinnamon Kiss

Sire: Champion, Regional Winner Abizaq Bachelor Button

CFA and CCA Registered

Our Retired or Non-Breeding Girls

Grand Champion Anubis Memoire de Romeow of PureAbby

GC Memoire de Romeow (a.k.a. Zoey)  is our foundation Queen. She has the lovely “feral” look of the Abyssinian.  Zoey is a Ruddy female with a beautiful ticked coat. She is extremely friendly and passionate and passes this wonderful temperament on to her babies.

Dam: GC Jazzy Abbys Della Reese of Anubis

Sire: GC Anubis Romeow Romeo

Registered CFA and CCA

Champion Premier PureAbby’s Maddie About You

PureAbby’s Maddie About You (Maddie) is an absolutely stunning ruddy girl. She is currently working on getting her Grand Championship in Premiership as one of our altered females.

Dam: GC Anubis Memoire de Romeow

Sire: GC Instincts Archipelago of Holoserica

Registered CFA and CCA