Occasionally, we have retired adult cats available for adoption. Usually, we will retire our adult cats from breeding between the ages of two-three years of age. I would love to keep them all, but I have learned that my retired breeding adults prefer to live their lives in a less active environment.
All of my cats are my pets, my special fur-kids. They do not reside in cages; they live freely in my home. If only I could keep them all! However, the numbers do start to add up. I currently have two retired girls living with me, along with a Purebred Caledon Barn Cat and my very first Abyssinian – Uncle Smooch. Those are just the non-breeding group. Then, of course, I have my breeding cats. It does get a bit ….. busy.



“Arwen”  will be available for adoption at the end of March – beginning of April 2022.

Arwen is a gorgeous cat, with an outstanding rich coat and ticking. Arwen is just 20 months old. She will turn 2 years of age on June 2nd. She is a very affectionate cat and exhibits great passion. (if you are not careful, she will feel compelled to give out cat love bites on your chin!) She would be fine living with one or two other cats.  She is also quite familiar with dogs. If you are interested in adopting Arwen, please fill out our Kitten Application. We will not be rushing to find her a perfect family. We will take our time to find the perfect home for this very sweet young girl.