The Nursery

As a small Cattery, we do not have many litters per year. Also, with the non-dilute Abyssinian, their litters tend to be on the small  – 2 – 4 kittens a litter. We do have a waiting list for kittens. If you are interested in a kitten we ask that you fill out this short application so we can get to know you better and ensure that we have a kitten that is a good fit for you. Please do not send us an email saying you are interested in a kitten, we really do need you to fill out the application first. Thanks!

Upcoming Litters 2021

We are not accepting any more Spring 2021 kitten applications at this time.

We may have kittens again, during the fall of 2021. Please contact us during 2021 if you are interested in a kitten.

Double  Grand Champion
Anubis Ricky Martini of PureAbby

Master Grand Champion
PureAbby Lay Lady Layla (Layla)

Anubis Memoire de Romeow of PureAbby

Champion Abizaq Cinnamon Lily of PureAbby

Anubis Memoire de Romeow of PureAbby

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